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If you Can’t beat em’ join em-Commom Core

on September 4, 2013

V__0C0AI am an “on again”  ” off again” homeschooler.  I could spend hours talking about the beauties of homeschool and how much it has meant to me.  I could tell you that I know at least one of my sons was able to find his path more clearly because of this option.  I can tell you that I am a “homeschooler” at heart no matter where my children attend school.  This year I have four of my kids in school and the new government plan for educating our kids is making it’s big debut.  The way I see it there are three positions being taken around here.  (1) No idea what your talking about, whatever (2) Vehemently opposed and will fight about it given any opportunity  (3)  It’s a great plan, it’s going to work this time and our children will not be “left behind”.

I would like to propose a 4th option and the one that I am personally taking.  Without question I know that education should be entirely directed by our state and that our national government has 0 rights when it comes to educating our kids.  So a national curriculum pushed onto our state it wrong.  However, this is what has been decided and if I am choosing to send my kids there everyday for 9 months then I need to decide a way to make it work for my kids.  I admire people with public virtue and someday I hope to spend more of my time there, but right now, for me, the whole world revolves around Kyle, Jamen, Isaac, Grayson, Micah, and Forrest.  So I am in phase one of making it work for my kids.

The first thing I did was to print off the book list for each grade level and make sure that we have a large amount of those books in our home.  Second, I put a copy in each of their folders that I keep track of their homework in.  Third, I hit the libraries and started gathering what they have.  Fourth, I make an effort to read with, to, or listen to them read gobs and gobs of books from the list.

Today Micah and I read the poem “halfway down” halfway down our stairs and chatted about the poem.  It was lovely.  The list from k-8 looks great and I am excited to jump into it with my kids, a well thought out book list by moral people is never a bad thing.

So, while I still have visions of homeschool dancing in my head at all times, for this year at least my motto needs to be “if you can’t beat em” join em.”


One response to “If you Can’t beat em’ join em-Commom Core

  1. Erin Young says:

    Hey Missy, I was under the assumption that the blog was dead and hadn’t realized it’s been updated. So happy to see it back on. I love the way you are going about the Common Core. I agree. I need to do the reading list check. Didn’t know there was one. I always learn from you. Keep writing!

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