Reading With My Boys

Using Books to Raise My Boys

Timing and Simplify

on August 30, 2013

School started about a week ago and we went from lazy, fun summer to 100 miles an hour in about a day.  I fall into bed knowing I have not treated everyone as I should, but knowing I will get up and do it all again the next day.  Yesterday I began my quest to take my family back from the wicked enemy called “hurry.”. I always start with a little reading and the winners are:  The Majesty of Calmness and Simplicty Parenting.  These are my go to books when I feel the scourge of  “too much”.  I now feel prepared to go to battle!  Step 1:  I got rid of a ton of clothes and toys that were just taking up space.  Step 2:  Think rationally about my boys and decide what they need (not what someone else says they need) and decide how to put that as a priority.  Step 3:  Let go of trying to be perfect, doesn’t exist, not going to happen.

One of my inspirations was knowing that the book I have chosen for our nightly read over the last few weeks isn’t the right one for now.  I chose Wednesday Wars, solely because I love it.  It is the right mix of funny and life lessons.  I can’t read it without laughing, my boys laugh when I laugh, but they don’t really understand what’s so funny.  We have had interesting discussions about hippies, Vietnam and Shakespeare, but I know it’s time to set this one aside and pick up something that is just lovely, just a celebration of childhood and is first and foremost appealing to children.  I have chosen The Trumpet of the Swan.  This goes against two of my “perfect” rules, not finishing something we started and re-reading a book we have already done.  If you are concerned refer to step 3 above.


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