Reading With My Boys

Using Books to Raise My Boys

Jumping Back In

on August 24, 2013

In the past there have been times when I’m reading a blog, anticipating the next post and all of a sudden nothing for months, I hate that. Now I can say I do that too! I stumbled onto my blog when I entered “reading with boys” into my browser and found my son urging the world to read my blog, how cute is that? So though I am writing pretty much for me and my 2 faithful readers I realize that I need to do it anyway. The world in which we live is LOUD and DEMANDING and would happily suck anything of value out of our lives until we have nothing worth having left. CS Lewis in the Screwtape Letters made a point of saying that Satan’s minions would do well to spend more time keeping out the good stuff than they do in putting in the bad stuff, either way will leave you with nothing worth having. So I write to remind myself that great literature is my “good stuff” and that I am determined to share it with my boys!


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