Reading With My Boys

Using Books to Raise My Boys

Making It Happen

on February 1, 2013

I have always read to my boys, but after reading A Thomas Jefferson Education I knew that I wanted more than just readers.  I want my boys to be thinkers, not sheep, I want them to appreciate the refined things of life that I believe are inspired by God like classics, great music and art, not just followers of the trends of the day.  I became firmly convinced that my children would be able to comprehend and enjoy great writers like Charles Dickens.  And then reality hit…Man, do I know how to make a pretty picture in my head, but reality is that my children often make quite a mess of that little picture!  Our first few hundred tries seemed like a monumental disaster.  But, eventually we found a rhythm and now I can honestly say that this particular thing works like clockwork in our home (there is no end to the things that don’t work around here, but this does).

Here are my tips for Making it Happen:

-Pick a time and be downright religious about following it.  We head down to read at 7:30 PM and read for 45 minutes to an hour every night.  (Either dad or mom take the time if it isn’t possible for both of us to be there.  Reading time also happens without the boy who is busy that night and can’t attend)

-Pick a place and make it work.  I was having the hardest time with this one because I couldn’t get the boys to hold still and be quiet and I couldn’t use their rooms because then I would be traveling from room to room and besides I wanted us to do it together.  So, in full disclosure I will tell you that I convinced my sweet husband to line my kids bed up like the seven dwarves in our family room.  I told the boys I would read to them every night if they would get in bed, stay in bed and be quiet and that’s when the magic began!  Eventually we built a new home and now the boys have a huge room with three sets of bunk beds and a cozy reading couch. 

And those are the “secrets”to getting started.  After a few weeks your kids won’t let you miss it!  Watch for the next post on, “I’ve decided to start reading to the little monsters, now what do I read?”



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