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Using Books to Raise My Boys

I’m Convinced

on January 26, 2013

I grew up in a library…OK technically that’s not true but it feels like it.  When I was very young my mom got the job as the middle school librarian and I spent a great deal of time there.  I feel like I grew up there.  The first time a boy asked me to “go” with him was while I was helping my mom in the library (as a side note, what the heck does that mean, “will you go with me?”  from what I gathered it meant that from that moment forward you would be to shy to speak one word to each other for the rest of your lives)…anyway…My mom took me there on a quiet Saturday to give me “the talk” before they gave it to us as  fifth graders because my mom knows I don’t like surprises and wanted me to be prepared.  I spent summers there helping mom decorate and hang posters.  I checked out hundreds of books there to read in the quiet of the night when I should have been sleeping.  When I was in middle school I ran the library for my mom for months while she spent time in California with her sister who was dying from cancer.  I got a job at the city library in high school, then got a job while I was going to college setting up a new library for a small community.  I am the woman that a library with all of its books built ( with the help of my fantastic parents).

So I was already a reader when the first little man showed up.  Fortunately I attended a homemaking night while pregnant with Kyle where this woman firmly had me convinced that I should start reading to him ASAP.  I bought a little stack of books for him that night.  Then, from the minute we had him home, one of us would read him a story in our super uncomfortable (but very cute) rocking chair before he went to sleep.

He was my reading buddy and would listen for hours and hours and hours and….we read everything we could get our hands on that I thought would interest us.  By the time kindergarten came to an end he was a voracious reader that couldn’t be stopped (that continues now that he’s 14 but his book list puts me to sleep just thinking about it-politics, government, law).  Then in what seems like a five minute span more boys started coming…and coming…and coming….

I made it a rule that I would drop what I was doing and read a book to them whenever they asked.  They asked a lot!  But, I am the complete opposite of “fun mom”.  I don’t craft, play war or build with Legos.  So reading became something we could all agree on.

Time continued and we have added lots of different ways to share this passion with each other (coming in later posts).  I am firmly convinced that this pattern we have built is worth any sacrifice of time or money I have had to make to make this a reading home.  If you have any interest in making your home a reading home and your not totally convinced I would suggest getting convinced or it just won’t happen.  I was long since convinced when I read the following two books, but I LOVED them and I read them every year to keep the fire going…read them you will love every word!

Honey For a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt

The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim TreleaseImage


2 responses to “I’m Convinced

  1. Laura says:

    And you own and live in a library–the best one in town. Certainly, the liveliest;)

  2. Erin Young says:

    Hello book lady, so I started roaming the net looking for specific genres for MissC and remembered to check my favorite book blog. Ha! How great! So, I need any suggestions you might have in the areas of poetry, biography and caldecott (but on her level- 4th, 5th or 6th grade). Thanks a bunch! You are the best! … really, you are.

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